Resolution on Cuba: EPP condemns the violation of human rights

The Leaders of the European People’s Party (EPP) adopted today the following resolution during a Summit held in Meise:

The European People’s Party (EPP) takes note of the decision adopted by the EU Foreign Affairs Ministers on June 12th on Cuba.

The EPP strongly condemns the constant violation of human rights on Cuba and deplores the fact that the number of political prisoners is increasing since the change of the EU’s policy towards Cuba from January 2005.

The EPP urges Cuba to unconditionally release all political prisoners and asks the Communist regime of Cuba to respect the human rights and dignity of individuals.

The EPP considers any future political dialogue with the Cuban authorities has to be always linked with the improvement of the situation of the human rights.

The EPP asks the European Commission and the Council as well as the EU Member States to closely monitor the developments in the field of Human Rights.

The EPP calls on the EU member states to always invite dissidents on their national holidays and other events in order to give them international visibility and contribute to their personal safety.

In particular, the EPP asks to the Cuban authorities to grant access to the internet for dissidents that are prevented from having contact with the outside world.

The EPP urges the Cuban government to grant an official permit to Oswaldo Payá to come to visit the European institutions as has been repeatedly requested and claims that Ladies in White (Damas de Blanco) should be allowed to come to Europe in order to receive a Sakharov Prize they were granted in 2005.